Small Memory LCD Breakout Board Details

This is the smaller of my two Memory LCD breakout boards and is designed for two different models of if Memory LCD: 96 x 96 pixel, 1.35″ Memory LCD 128 x 128 pixel, 1.28″ Memory LCD What Are Memory LCDs? Memory LCDs are the type of black & white, ultra low-power, ultra high-contrast displays used […]

Memory LCD Breakout Board Demo Video

Here’s a couple of videos of the small Memory LCD Breakout Board running a little demo I’ve written to show off it’s capabilities. The first video is a simple, static recording of the complete demo sequence, the second video moves the camera around in an attempt to illustrate the reflective qualities of the particular model […]

Memory LCD Breakout Board PCBs Have Shipped

Just a quick update. I received news today that my Memory LCD breakout board PCBs have been dispatched. I’m hoping that they’ll arrive tomorrow as I’m otherwise all set to start assembly. My big Mouser order containing all the SMD parts arrived last week and I’m finalising a Farnell order this afternoon for all the […]

Sharp Memory LCD Breakout Boards

This is the index page for all information about the Sharp Memory LCD breakout boards I am selling. Breakout boards ready for production First photos of the breakout boards Memory LCD production photos Small breakout board demo videos Large breakout board demo video PNLC and HR-TFT Memory LCD comparison video Small breakout board details Large […]