As Seen On Hackaday

Hackaday ran an article on Sharp Memory LCDs on Monday 1st July. I wasn’t the main focus of the article – that honour went to Mike of Mike’s Electric Stuff – but they did mention my breakout boards and link to my website. The result was that I received more traffic on 1st July than […]

Custom Landing Gear for UAir R10 Quadrotor

Given the inadequate nature of the stock landing gear that came with the UAir R10 quadrotor that I backed on Kickstarter, I’ve had a go at making my own from the remnants of the original shock absorbers. I’m not sure quite what the original ones were designed for but they were flimsy, far too short […]

Different Memory LCDs Compared

Here’s a short video I’ve made so that you can compare the two different types of Sharp Memory LCD side-by-side. On the left is the 128 x 128 pixel HR-TFT type and on the right is the 96 x 96 pixel PNLC version. To quote from Sharp’s own literature: Sharp’s Polymer Networked Liquid Crystal (PNLC)-type […]

Pogo Pin Test Fixture For Breakout Boards

I’ve been busy producing my new Memory LCD Breakout Boards this week and in the course of production, I have arrived at the point where the boards I’ve made all need testing before I seal them up in anti-static bags with the extra, loose components that accompany them – of which their 0.1″ header strip […]