Sharp Memory LCDs and the Raspberry Pi

This weekend I ported my Arduino library for the Sharp Memory LCD breakout boards I’m selling to the Raspberry Pi. At the moment, I have the short demo running successfully although the code does need (and will be receiving) further improvement. However, it’s already great to see how smooth the demo runs on it, with […]

BOINC, power cuts and an APC UPS

I’ve experienced a number of power cuts here today due to repairs being carried out on the local grid after the recent freezing weather. Not a problem, I thought, as I’ve got uninterruptible power supplies on all my computers. As long as the electricity isn’t off for too long, it’ll be fine. And indeed, “Server […]

Grid Computing

After a long hiatus where I’m ashamed to admit that I completely forgot about it – given that I’ve had a server running 24/7 with a very low workload for the last year – I’m back crunching numbers for the World Community Grid with both the server and also my desktop computer. I installed BOINC […]