BOINC, power cuts and an APC UPS

I’ve experienced a number of power cuts here today due to repairs being carried out on the local grid after the recent freezing weather. Not a problem, I thought, as I’ve got uninterruptible power supplies on all my computers. As long as the electricity isn’t off for too long, it’ll be fine. And indeed, “Server […]

Grid Computing

After a long hiatus where I’m ashamed to admit that I completely forgot about it – given that I’ve had a server running 24/7 with a very low workload for the last year – I’m back crunching numbers for the World Community Grid with both the server and also my desktop computer. I installed BOINC […]

New case for the Raspberry Pi

The great ModMyPi case arrived for my Raspberry Pi today. I purchased the boring black one because it was cheaper and I knew I could brighten it up myself. I’ve picked out the embossed ModMyPi lettering with some gloss red enamel paint and added a Debian sticker from Linux Format.

Automatically Update MaxMind’s GeoIP files

I recently installed the AWStats log file analyser for viewing my apache web server logs and activated the plugins that enable its reports to show the geographic location of IP addresses that have visited your server. In the AWStats configuration file you can choose which of two different geolocation database sources to use to identify […]