Sharp Memory LCDs and the Raspberry Pi

This weekend I ported my Arduino library for the Sharp Memory LCD breakout boards I’m selling to the Raspberry Pi. At the moment, I have the short demo running successfully although the code does need (and will be receiving) further improvement. However, it’s already great to see how smooth the demo runs on it, with […]

As Seen On Hackaday

Hackaday ran an article on Sharp Memory LCDs on Monday 1st July. I wasn’t the main focus of the article – that honour went to Mike of Mike’s Electric Stuff – but they did mention my breakout boards and link to my website. The result was that I received more traffic on 1st July than […]

Different Memory LCDs Compared

Here’s a short video I’ve made so that you can compare the two different types of Sharp Memory LCD side-by-side. On the left is the 128 x 128 pixel HR-TFT type and on the right is the 96 x 96 pixel PNLC version. To quote from Sharp’s own literature: Sharp’s Polymer Networked Liquid Crystal (PNLC)-type […]