Memory LCD Breakout Board Schematic

Following a number of requests from customers for more information on the Memory LCD breakout boards I sell, I have decided to make the board schematic publicaly available rather than responding privately to each request. The schematic is identical for the small and large breakout boards except for the number of pushbutton switches. A high […]

Large Memory LCD Breakout Board Details

This is the larger of my two Memory LCD breakout boards and is designed for the 400 x 240 pixel Memory LCD LS027B7DH01 : What Are Memory LCDs? Memory LCDs are the type of black & white, ultra low-power, ultra high-contrast displays used in smartwatches like the Pebble and the Agent. They fall somewhere between […]

Raspberry Pi Library for Sharp Memory LCDs

I have now ported my Arduino library for controlling Sharp Memory LCDs to the Raspberry Pi. The extra memory and processing power available on the Pi certainly expand what you can do with this great little display. The lowly Arduino and even the 80 MHz ChipKIT did struggle to complicated process frames of data for […]