August Update

Just a quick update on progress as I’ve not posted anything in a while. The very hot weather in July made it difficult for me to spend much time up in my ‘lab’, which being a converted loft spent much of the time so hot as to be unusable. It was in the mid/high 30s during the day and only dropped to the high 20s at night (i.e 4 am!).

July also featured some server related unpleasantness, the result of which was that I’m now hosting my site on Amazon Web Services. I needed a spare, clean installation to quickly move the site to and AWS’s free usage tier fitted the bill. The upshot of this is that page load times have markedly reduced.

No sooner than I’d got my new webserver sorted out, I suffered a hard drive failure on my desktop. A 500 GB Samsung Spinpoint F1 on which my /home was mounted failed (reasonably gracefully, at least) after 4.5 years of operation. Fortunately it was one half of a RAID1 array and additionally I had backups on an external HD so no data was lost.

I took the opportunity to replace the failed drive and it’s still-working twin with a pair of 1GB Toshiba drives (DT01ACA0100). Annoyingly, the new Toshiba drives emit an annoying “tick-tock” sound every few seconds. It doesn’t sound like a click of death but all the same, I’d rather they didn’t do it at all.

At the same time as the HD failure, I decided to change my OS drive to an SSD – entailing the re-installation of both SuSE and Windows.

It’s the time it’s taken to sort it out all these problems out that’s annoyed me. I have my next product all sketched out but haven’t had the time to start developing it properly as I’ve been mostly occupied with computer admin and repair.

Oh, and I finally got round to trying out Strava

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