UAir Quadcopter Alternative Battery Mounting

This is a really quick and simple hack that really improves the take-off behaviour of the R10 when carrying a large battery. I’ve been using larger 5000 mAh Turnigy batteries on my R10 and these have caused havoc when mounted on the original battery mounting plate.

The problem was that upon taking off, the quad would want to ‘stick’ to the grass on the corner that the battery was mounted towards, with the result that the quad would suddenly flip over if the throttle was raised slowly. Three props would simultaneously develop enough lift to lift their corners of the quad, while the heavier corner closest to the battery remained anchored to the ground. The result was a very rapid 180 degree flip, that once started, was too fast for me or the quad to control. The damage caused by the flip was probably also compounded by my long landing gear design.

I broke two motor shafts and bent one before realising that it was really just pilot error and working out what I had to do to prevent this. Without moving the location of the battery, the solution was not to take off by being gentle with the controls and slowly raising the throttle but instead by giving the R10 a quick burst of full throttle to quickly and decisively lift all four corners simultaneously before cutting back the power to maintain a hover a few feet off the ground.

Now, unlike other users, I’d not broken the original battery and thalamus mounting arrangement in any of my crashes because in addition to the supplied vecro loops for securing the battery to the mount, I’d been strapping it to the frame with a couple of reusable cable ties.

These cable ties were now used to secure the battery to a new location beneath the quad that is as close as I can get to its centre of mass. The two reusable cable ties are all that are holding the big battery and it feels quite secure. There’s a battery voltage monitor with a siren connected to the balance port too – a very useful addition to the quad.

UAir R10 Quadcopter Alternate Battery Mounting
UAir R10 Quadcopter Alternate Battery Mounting

The take off characteristics are now greatly improved although I still give the quad a burst of throttle to get it cleanly and quickly away from the ground.

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