Memory LCD Software Libraries

If you’re wanting to use a Memory LCD with an Arduino, there are at least four software libraries to choose from. In no particular order, they are:

  • The Rengineer’s Memory LCD library:

Supports drawing basic shapes and printing bit map images. You may have to replace instances of ‘prog_uchar’ in the code with byte or char to make it compile in your Arduino environment.

  • Craftycoder’s Memory LCD library:

Uses the Adafruit GFX library as its base to provide support for graphics primitives (drawing circles, triangles, squares etc) and text.

  • Adafruit’s Memory LCD library:

Again, uses the Adafruit GFX library as its base.

  • My own Memory LCD library:

My own library should probably be your last port of call. It’s very immature at the moment and is at the stage of being able to run the demo you see in my YouTube videos and little else. It doesn’t implement a frame buffer yet, merely a line buffer and lacks support for drawing shapes. I will be improving it however, when time permits.

4 thoughts on “Memory LCD Software Libraries

  1. I am trying to write to sharp memory lcd “LS027B7DH01” which isn’t going well for me. I didn’t find any useful information(regarding coding but for hardware your blog did the job very well for me ) for beginners. I just want to display any character on the lcd. Thanks!


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