Grid Computing

After a long hiatus where I’m ashamed to admit that I completely forgot about it – given that I’ve had a server running 24/7 with a very low workload for the last year – I’m back crunching numbers for the World Community Grid with both the server and also my desktop computer.

I installed BOINC on both my computers without any trouble. My server (HP Microserver) runs Debian and my desktop (Intel i2500K based system) runs OpenSuSE. Both had BOINC in their repositories and after very minimal configuration, both were up and running the World Community Grid projects.

I’ve also harnessed the power of my GPU in the desktop (an nVidia GTX 560 Ti) to run a different project – the GPU Grid – as the World Community Grid doesn’t have any projects that harness the GPU active at the moment. At least, not for Linux. Note: SuSE seems to require that the user boinc join the group video before it can detect any GPUs. This prevents the message “no usable GPUs found” from appearing in the BOINC logfile.

Click the links and donate your spare processing power today!

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