Automatically Update MaxMind’s GeoIP files

I recently installed the AWStats log file analyser for viewing my apache web server logs and activated the plugins that enable its reports to show the geographic location of IP addresses that have visited your server. In the AWStats configuration file you can choose which of two different geolocation database sources to use to identify IP addresses by country. There’s the GeoIPfree plugin which uses a database that’s reportedly out of date and the GeoIP plugin that uses a database that is actively maintained by a company called MaxMind. MaxMind also go one step further and provide a database and plugin, GeoIP_City_Maxmind, to locate IP addresses by city. I chose to activate the MaxMind plugins.

Now, although Debian provide the MaxMind country database as the geoip-database package in their repositories I couldn’t work out if it was the latest version or not, but Debian being Debian, I suspect not. There was also no sign of the city database being present in Debian’s repositories so I decided to write a modest bash script for downloading the latest databases direct from MaxMind’s website. Their free databases are updated during the first week of every month, so I have the bash script running as a cron job on the 10th of each month. You can download a copy of the script here.

Make sure that you change the file extension and permissions after you’ve downloaded it. I’ve changed the file extension as WordPress doesn’t allow the uploading of .sh files by default and simply changing the extension is quicker than trying to modify the media uploader’s behaviour.

mv /path/to/GeoIP_update.txt /home/myuser/bin/
chown myuser:mygroup /home/myuser/bin/
chmod 744 /home/myuser/bin/

Alternatively, copy-and-paste from below, but whichever method you use there are several variables that must be set before using it for the first time.

# Script to update Maxmind's GeoIP files
# Author: Richard Leszczynski
# Contact: contact NOSPAM
# Created: 18 November 2011
# Last Modified: 21 November 2011

# --------------------------------------------------------------------
# Purpose:
# --------------------------------------------------------------------
# To download the latest versions of the files provided by
# for geolocating IP addresses.

# --------------------------------------------------------------------
# Recommended Usage:
# --------------------------------------------------------------------
# Run as a cron job once a month, about a 8-10 days into the month
# If run as a user, not root, the user must have write permissions
# on both the DOWNLOADS_DIR and GEOIP_DIR directories (see below).
# Script should be silent unless you've made any configuration errors.
# If nothing downloads, remove the -q option from wget and run the
# script from the command line. wget is too complicated for me to
# grab errors from it but see the "Variables set by user" section
# below for why it might occasionally go wrong.

# --------------------------------------------------------------------
# Variables to be set by user:
# --------------------------------------------------------------------
# Path to downloads folder. This folder will keep a copy of the zipped
# GeoIP files in a subfolder called MaxMind_GeoIP .
# - The script requires that DOWNLOADS_DIR already exists. Create it
# before running the script or you will get an error.
# - A permanent copy of the zipped files is required to allow wget to
# inspect the existing, local files and only initiate a download if
# it discovers newer versions on MaxMind's servers. Use of the wget -N
# option which enables this behaviour is requested by MaxMind to limit
# the load on their servers.
# - Also note that MaxMind are pretty hot on monitoring the number of
# downloads people make from their servers and appear to block IPs for
# 24-48 hours if you exceed a certain (and small! 6?) number of
# download attempts within a short space of time.
# -If you're having trouble downloading the files with this script,
# remove the -q (quiet) option from the wget line and run the script
# from the command line. If wget reports "Connection timed out", you
# have probably hit MaxMind's download attempt limit. Wait 24-48 hours
# and then try again. Don't forget to put -q back on the wget line
# before you run the script as a cron job again.

# Path to in-use location of GeoIP files. The path that programs which
# will make use of the GeoIP files expect to find them.
# - The script requires that GEOIP_DIR already exists. Create it
# before running the script or you will get an error.

# Maxmind provide files for geolocation of IP address to countries
# and also to individual cities. Do you also want to download the
# files for cities? [yes/no]

# MaxMind have developed a database of IPv6 addresses. Choose whether
# you want to download the files for geolocating IPv6 addresses in
# addition to the default files for IPv4. [yes/no]

# Enter the user/group who you want to own the downloaded files.

# There are 4 GeoIP files to download, the countries file, the cities file
# and their two equivalents for IPv6. The binary versions - not csv -
# are what you will need in most circumstances.
# Update the URLs here should MaxMind change their locations.

# The script can send results by email when it finishes.
# Set to enable emailing of results [yes/no]
# Specify a valid email address

# --------------------------------------------------------------------

if [ ! -d "$DOWNLOADS_DIR" ]; then
echo "The specified DOWNLOADS_DIR "$DOWNLOADS_DIR" does not exist!"
echo "Check you have specified the correct path, or create it manually."
exit -1

if [ ! -d "$GEOIP_DIR" ]; then
echo "The specified GEOIP_DIR "$GEOIP_DIR" does not exist!"
echo "Check you have specified the correct path, or create it manually."
exit -1

# Note: The files to be downloaded are compressed in .gz format and
# gunzip removes the original archive file after uncompressing its
# contents, so to allow wget to use it's -N option, a copy of the
# archive (as downloaded) is kept in a subfolder of the DOWNLOADS_DIR
# for use by subsequent executions of the script.
if [ ! -d "$MAXMIND_DIR" ]; then
mkdir "$MAXMIND_DIR"

if [ "$CITIES_ENABLED" == "yes" ]; then
ARRAY[$((${#ARRAY[@]} + 1))]="$CITIES"
if [ "$IPv6_ENABLED" == "yes" ]; then
ARRAY[$((${#ARRAY[@]} + 1))]="$COUNTRIES_IP6"
if [ "$CITIES_ENABLED" == "yes" ]; then
ARRAY[$((${#ARRAY[@]} + 1))]="$CITIES_IP6"

for url in ${ARRAY[@]}
FILENAME=$(basename "$url")
if [ -f "$FILENAME" ]; then
FILE_OLD_CHECKSUM=$(md5sum "$FILENAME" | cut -d ' ' -f 1)
echo "File checksum is "$FILE_OLD_CHECKSUM""
wget $TIME_STAMP -q --tries=10 --wait=120 --limit-rate=50k $url
# Basic check for first-run wget problems below - it won't catch
# errors if a local copy of the file already exists.
if [ ! -f "$FILENAME" ]; then
echo "Unable to download "$FILENAME" from the location:"
echo "$url"
echo "and no local copy exits. Check URL and read comments within script file for notes on wget."
exit -1
# Copy downloaded file to where it will be used
FILE_NEW_CHECKSUM=$(md5sum "$FILENAME" | cut -d ' ' -f 1)
# only copy file from DOWNLOADS_DIR to GEOIP_DIR if it has changed
gunzip -fq "$FILENAME"
mv -u "${FILENAME%.gz}" "$GEOIP_DIR"

if [ "$EMAIL_ENABLED" == "yes" ]; then
echo " downloaded the following files: $DOWNLOADED" | mail -E -s " Results" $EMAIL_ADDRESS

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